Fairway Solitaire

What does the card game solitaire have in common with the popular outdoor pastime of golf? At first glance, not a thing. Nevertheless, games developer Big Fish Games has gone ahead and combined the two of them. The result has been a card game app that is amongst the most popular ones in the iOS and Android app stores.

Fairway Solitaire screenshot

Fairway Solitaire was first introduced back in 2007 as a PC/Mac game that you play like golf. The aim of the game is to clear each of the golf holes using golf clubs and cards by playing solitaire. You play the game essentially the same as a regular game of solitaire, but there is a twist.

You have a golf bag that includes Irons and Midas Clubs. These can be played as cards when you get stuck. While special clubs can help you complete the course, there are also hazards that will make it difficult for you to get par. There are Sand Trap and Water Hazard cards that must be unlocked as you progress through the courses, and a funny little Gopher that will try to ruin your game. He finds it hilarious when you don’t do well with the cards.

Fairway Solitaire was in fact designed around the ’80s comedy Caddy Shack, featuring Bill Murray relentlessly trying to catch that pesky gopher. Well, the gopher is back and if he pops up on screen you need to tap him to make him go away. If you don’t, a mini game will start. Winning a mini game gets you Gopher Bucks but losing a mini game means you may lose cards.

One of the best parts of the game are the announcers who make comments on what’s happening and it does feel as if they are actually present during them game.

You can give Fairway Solitaire a try over at Big Fish Games.

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