Life Goes On

Life Goes On started as a group of strangers who met at a game jam and over the next two years grew to become a clever and engaging puzzle platformer.

The death of your character merely paves the way for the next guy as you sacrifice an endless stream of fearless knights into the arsenal of spike pits, flamethrowers, sawblades, and lava to make progress through a deadly gauntlet filled with elaborate deathtraps!

With names like ‘The Zippy Crown Princess Theresa’ and ‘Inquisitor Jim Rooker the Fourth, Son of Jim’, when the knights run, they charge ahead with such earnest gusto that you can’t help but cheer for them, even as you guide them into a flame thrower.

You may feel a little guilty as you push tons of tin soldiers to their death, but you know it’s a duty, necessary to achieve victory.

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